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How to Prepare Salad - Salad recipes - Dressing recipes

Step 1: Store salads and herbs

Salads and herbs are usually stored in the fridge inside a plastic bag to keep the humidity. The duration that a lettuce can be stored depends on the variety of the lettuce, the consistency and the texture of its leaves. A full head of salad stays fresh upto 10 days and the mixed salad packet and rucola upto 1 week when stored cold (min. 2 and max. 6 degrees Celsius).

Step 2: Wash the lettuce completely

Rinse lettuce under cold running water, and take apart the leaves starting with outer layer. Some may soak lettuce leaves in a bowl of cold water before rinsing. Make sure there is no visible dirt. We recommend that you wash your salad with filtered water (Aquaguard water).

Step 3: Dry the lettuce thoroughly

Place the lettuce in a colander and shake the water from the leaves. You may place the leaves on a paper towel or a kitchen towel to dry thoroughly.


Step 4: Dress the salad

Cut or tear the lettuce leaves to the desired size and place them in a salad bowl. You can add other vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, or even fruits such as pomegranates, apples, roasted seeds and nuts and cheese cubes.
Drizzle with your favourite dressing and serve immediately.