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GreenTokri’s Home Delivery System:

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Why GreenTokri?

With changing Indian urban lifestyles, renewed health consciousness is entering our homes and kitchens. However, fresh, high-quality and affordable leafy salads have not been easily available in the Indian market… until now.

GreenTokri has met the challenge of bringing fresh, tasty, high-quality, and hygienically produced lettuces at affordable price!

Growing salads year-round is both challenging and resource intensive. At GreenTokri, we have introduced the latest technologies into the Indian salad farming industry. Agricultural experts from different countries have visited our farm in Sasvad, Maharashtra and given consultancy on technology and production systems allowing us to achieve our goal of growing best quality produce year-round.

To provide customers with fresh, tasty, and high-quality lettuces, we harvest our produce 6 days a week. All produce is cleanly processed and packed and delivered to our cold storage in Pune. From there, we efficiently deliver to our retailer partners and customers so that our salads retain freshness, quality, and nutritional values.

Try our lettuce today and taste the difference!